Kinetic Investment Group

Mitigating Risk in a Constantly Changing Environment

We believe in not only looking for opportunities that offer substantial rewards but also in recognizing and analyzing the inherent risks in each...

As an investor, you want a partner with an intimate understanding of financial markets, who employs state-of-the-art technology to manage and mitigate risk and who, as a result, can offer wise and creative guidance to succeed in a constantly changing, ever more complex financial environment.

Meet the Kinetic Investment Group.

We believe in not only looking for opportunities that offer substantial rewards but also in recognizing and analyzing the inherent risks in each of those opportunities. By employing our experience and technology, we determine how to best mitigate that risk while enhancing the return on capital, whether it be in private equity, private index funds or gold and silver.


+Michael S. Williams
Managing Partner
Michael brings more than 20 years and a wide breadth of experience in financial markets to his role at Kinetic, where he oversees the relationship between the company and its investment partners.

Michael and his partner, Thomas Frey, founded the Kinetic Investment Group, LLC, as a management company for private investments and accredited investors. Prior to founding the Kinetic Investment Group, Michael was an options market maker and has floor brokerage experience as a member of the Stock Exchange. He has worked as an institutional floor broker representing Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Swiss Bank.

Michael has lectured throughout the country on derivatives and risk management. He is the co-author of Fundamentals of the Options Market, published by McGraw Hill and is the author of an economic newsletter, "Market Preview." An honored Navy veteran who served in the Gulf and is still an avid sailor, Michael has raced sailboats in his native Michigan and in San Francisco.
+Thomas J. Frey
Managing Partner
The co-founder of Kinetic, Thomas is also a founding/managing partner and President of Silexx Financial Systems, LLC, a financial trading and risk management technology company. It was in this role that he brought his considerable experience and expertise in information technology to developing the Proactive Management System™ Kinetic uses to insure against risk.

A native of Munich, Germany, Thomas decided to immigrate to the United States in 2008 after spending considerable time here working as a consultant for various hedge funds and brokerage firms. He met Michael while consulting in San Francisco and chose to move to Sarasota after visiting his friend here and falling in love with the area.

Thomas' consulting has allowed him to travel extensively. His favorite destinations include the South of France and Tokyo. He is a connoisseur of fine wines, particularly those from Bordeaux. He is an avid skier whose favorite spots are the slopes of the Swiss Alps.


+Ed Bautista
Portfolio Manager
Mr. Bautista graduated with a theoretical mathematics degree from UC Berkeley and began his professional career in the actuarial field. Risk management and quantitative analytic skills acquired from his years of work in the insurance industry have helped him manage the closed private equity portfolio in Kinetics' family of funds.
+Anadi Gaur
Financial Engineer
Anadi graduated from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal (India) with a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering. He went on to earn two Masters of Science degrees in Finance with Specialization in Quantitative Finance and Financial Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Before joining our team, he worked as Research Analyst in Chicago where he specialized in using ARIMAX-GARCH & Logistic Regression models to build classifiers for predicting next day close level of VIX and single stock VIX indexes and back tested the model for CBOE’s VXAPL, VXAZN, VXGS, and VXIBM. At Kinetic, he supports the Options Trading Team by providing detailed information on investment strategies, including dividends, earnings, and volatility.
+Jeremy Holt
Trade Desk Manager
Mr. Holt brings his experience in building technical analytical and back testing models for private investment funds to the Kinetic Team. His experience working with DDE linking and APIs with Bloomberg and Silexx, combined with building technical modeling is fundamental part in the build and improvements of the Proactive Management System. Mr. Holt manages the trade desk and daily operations. He serves as the firm's liaison with our clearing and execution agents.
+Carla Mendez
Executive Assistant
Carla graduated from the University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez with a degree in Business Administration and Human Resources. She is fluent in Spanish and English. She works with the executive team and is also a liaison for business operations in Puerto Rico serving Spain, Latin America, and South America.
+Roxanne Militaru
Research Analyst
Ms. Militaru assists with yield enhancement research, liquidity and volume studies, and technical analysis for private investment funds. Her primary research focuses on derivatives and exchange-listed indexes and has been published in Futures Magazine. She has lectured for the IBD Investment Group.
+Ian Quetglas
Financial Consultant
Ian graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Puerto Rico with degrees in Economics and Finance. Before joining the Kinetic team, he worked as a Technical Analyst for an international firm serving Europe, South America, and the Caribbean institutional clients. As the Financial Consultant for Kinetic Investment Group, he services our institutional and government accounts and is the firms liaison to our Puerto Rico business partners. He holds certifications as a Certified Financial Planner and Series 65. Ian is fluent in English and Spanish.
+Kenneth Rachon
Operations Manager
Kenneth graduated from the Kelley School of Business at the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis with majors in Accounting, Marketing and Distribution Management, and he is a licensed Florida Real Estate Sales Associate.